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Partnership with CIHT

CIHT Emerging Professionals Conference 2023

Carrington West proudly sponsored the CIHT’s emerging professional conference (EPC) in April 2023. The event took place at Aston University and saw over 250 delegates attend a day of talks, seminars and networking. Director Simon Gardiner, and Senior Consultant, Natasha Jones presented two breakout sessions on “How to be indispensable at work.”

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Joint Research

Together with the Chartered Institute of Highways & Transport (CIHT) we conducted a series of research surveys to explore how the pandemic has changed the way organisations in the highways and infrastructure sector operate.

As we move forwards, many companies will be rethinking the way they operate and the future of their workforce, to ensure business continuity and the happiness and safety of their employees.

Through a series of three surveys sent to CIHT members and Carrington West contacts, between September and November 2021, we investigated:

  • The future of the post pandemic workforce – what will be the new normal

  • Inclusivity, skills and training in the post Covid workplace

  • “Future Skills” - what does the future look like for young engineers?

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Future Skills and the Post-pandemic workforce survey results report

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Carrington West Present at the CIHT Young Professionals Conference

Adam and Simon ran a workshop on 'How to Future Proof Your Career' based on the information gathered from the Future Skills survey results.

The session was well-received and some interesting points were raised in the Q&A section. You can view one of the sessions here:

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