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We are proud to take an active role in supporting charitable causes in the communities we live and work in. Over the last decade we have partnered with several local charities that raise awareness and funds for mental health issues, children and adults with learning disabilities, food banks and people fighting cancer.

In 2024 we have forged new relationships and now partner four local charities; Mind (Havant and East Hants); The Café Project (Basingstoke); The Literacy Hubs, a children's literacy charity; and the Kirsty Louise Streek Foundation. We feel very lucky that our staff are constantly suggesting and organising charity events. Throughout the year we have bake sales, quiz nights, and we participate in sport events such as the Great South Run and Tough Mudder. Best of all, Carrington West matches the amount raised by our staff.

As well as our partner charities, our staff receive paid annual leave to volunteer for a charity close to their heart. We offer all staff the opportunity to take one day’s fully paid charity leave per year, where they can donate their time (either individually or in organised groups) to a charity of their choice. To date this has included activities such as beach clean ups, sponsored hiking around the country or working in a soup kitchen. We also offer the staff the opportunity to donate that day’s wage to the charity as well. This has proved very popular and we love seeing the ideas and suggestions come in. 

We also believe in giving back at every step of our supply chain. Our in-office watercoolers are from AquAid,a company that works with the Africa Trust to install drinking water pumps in places that need it. In so doing, we have become the proud sponsors of an Elephant Pump in Zimbabwe. We use Fruitful Office for our office fruit deliveries, who are committed to providing a sustainable service. For every 1 basket of fruit we receive at Carrington West, Fruitful Office plant one fruit tree in Malawi. The majority of fruit is sourced in Europe and never airfreighted, and their excess fruit is sent to foodbanks, schools, or animal shelters.

Our Partner Charities

The Kirsty Louise Streek Foundation is a charity founded by one of our staff members, Kent Streek. They raise money to grant to organisations supporting multiple sclerosis, cancer and sarcoma. They also provide grants for individuals with Cancer who need support with better quality wigs, wig styling, hair care and beauty treatment, to ensure cancer patients have the confidence to enjoy their lives.  Visit their website here.

The Literacy Hubs exists to help young people develop the literacy skills they need to thrive. They provide unique, creative and adventurous learning environments that inspire young people, from the least advantaged communities, to improve their literacy skills and fall in love with reading and writing. Visit their website here.

Havant and East Hants Mind work to promote good mental health within our locality. They seek to support and empower people to lead a full life as part of their local community. As well as fundraising through corporate events Carrington West provide practical support such as supplying meeting rooms and facilities. Visit their website here.

The Café Project is a charitable trust providing support, training and employment opportunities to people with learning disabilities through its community café and Circles Friday Club. Through their training facility and club they hope to improve the confidence and skills of all of their students and members. Visit their website here.

In addition to our four partner charities, our Board Directors donate funds each year to causes close to their hearts. These range from supporting local hospitals to national cancer charities as well as sponsoring colleagues, friends and family who run, bike, row or jump out of planes for good causes!

​Click here to see our environmental and sustainability commitments.

Meet our CSR Champions

"Hi, I’m Beth and I am an Assistant Financial Accountant here at Carrington West. I joined the business in August 2018 and became a CSR champion in April 2023 to help the team with our community and environmental responsibilities. Here at Carrington West, we are very fortunate to be supported and encouraged to take part in charitable work and our employee engagement is growing year on year, so it was time for the CSR team to grow!

I believe if you are fortunate enough to help others then it is the right thing to do, whether that is by lending a helping hand or providing something to someone in need, no matter how small the action it could make a real difference to the person or community you are supporting.

During my time at Carrington West, I have planned and held a fundraising event for The Rowan’s Hospice which is held close to my heart, regularly donate blood and participate in beach and ocean clean ups to help reduce the damage to our environment."

"Hi, I’m Sarah, a Payroll & Billing Administrator at Carrington West. Having joined the team in March 2023, it didn’t take me long to jump at the chance to join our CSR team.

My main goal is to contribute meaningfully to social welfare and to foster positive change within our local communities. I have a passion for and value helping others around me; and I believe that through collective efforts, we can create a better society for people to live in.

Both inside and outside of work I actively engage in charity events. I have previously taken part in events such as Race for Life and Mind’s 250KM cycle."

“Hi, I’m Poppy, a Business Support Administrator at Carrington West. I joined the company in October 2023 and was glad to add to our growing CSR team in June 2024.

My aim as a CSR champion is to share and implement creative concepts that will make a positive impact on our communities. I believe if we work together as a team towards a common goal of helping others, we can truly make a difference. I have a strong desire to spread kindness and lend a helping hand to those in need.”

Get in touch here for queries and more information.

The Literacy Hubs childrens education charity logo pencil

In Spring 2023, a group from Carrington West volunteered to do two Easter workshops for the Literacy Hubs in Portsmouth. Alongside spending time running fun reading activities with children, we raised over £1000 for the charity!

Carrington West Cafe Project summer fundraiser

Throughout summer 2022, we ran multiple events to raise money for the Café Project to buy new equipment for the café. Fundraisers included walking 5000 miles, a company picnic, and an exciting raffle at our summer party. We raised £2,500!