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Working as a Carrington West Contractor - Payment Options

As a Carrington West contractor you have 3 payment methods available to you. We can pay you either as an individual (PAYE), or business to business (either Umbrella Company or Ltd Company). Your personal consultant will be happy to advise you at length about these options and the differences between them.*

Click here for information on current and future IR35 legislation that affects contract workers in the UK private and public sectors.

Umbrella Companies

Approved Umbrella Providers

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* Carrington West encourages you to seek independent advice before you engage through any Umbrella. Carrington West does not endorse the benefits of operating through an Umbrella or Limited Company nor do we encourage contractors to operate via any particular provider listed on this page. This list only contains the names of Umbrella providers and Accountancy Firms; If you choose to use the services of a third party (such as a composite company supplier or managed services company or any other legal or tax structure) to establish a company through which you provide your services, any information supplied by Carrington West about such third parties is provided on an impartial basis. The list of companies displayed on this page is neither permanent nor exhaustive.

Carrington West reserves the right to remove entities from the list displayed on this website should any of the providers fail to satisfy compliance checking procedures at any time. If an Umbrella provider listed fails a compliance check, we may ask you to provide your services through an alternative provider.

Carrington West cannot give any guarantee concerning the quality of the advice and/or documentation provided by such third parties and it is your responsibility to ensure that any company established complies with all current relevant legislation. Carrington West will not be liable for any losses, costs, claims, expenses, penalties or other liabilities incurred by that company, including those which arise as a result of your use of the services of such third parties.

Career Advice, Interview Preparation & CV Writing

​Our consultants are on hand to help you with every aspect of the recruitment process and are best placed to provide valuable insights into the current hiring market and how your skills and career goals match the roles available. We take your career seriously and as a result many of our contractors have worked with us in multiple roles over several years.

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