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Interviews - Tips for Hiring Managers and Candidates

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Interviews - Tips for Hiring Managers and Candidates

Interviews are a 2-way street. There is a reason you, as a hiring manager, have taken the candidate through to the interview stage. You are interested in them, and they have something that intrigues you.

It is often thought that during the interview it is the interviewee who has to sell themselves to the company. Although true, the interviewers also need to sell themselves, the company and the opportunity on offer to the candidate.

With fierce competition across all industries, many candidates on the market are currently having multiple interviewers with various companies. It is no secret that the demand for talent is high!

·         Nearly 7 in 10 (69%) companies have reported talent shortages and difficulty hiring –

a 15-year high.

·         From August 2021-October 2021, UK job vacancies hit an all-time high of 1.219m and the number “continues to increase across most industries” (The Office for National Statistics).


We as recruitment consultants are experiencing this first-hand with more interviews than ever before. This highlights the importance that interviewers should not just use the interview to ‘grill’ the candidate, they should also sell their company and be mindful that the opportunity they are offering is probably one of a few the candidate is considering.

This is not to say tough direct questions cannot be asked, but it must be balanced as the approach to this stage of the recruitment process is reflective of the company culture. Building rapport with the candidate is key in order to make them feel comfortable. A smile, handshake and small talk are all key when building rapport. Simple acts like those listed can go a long way and will help to create familiarity between both parties. From my experience, interviewees can often come out of an interview feeling stressed, uncomfortable, and nervous. This can create a negative thought regarding the opportunity and on occasion may be ruled out even before knowing the outcome. These negative thoughts can be attributed to the candidate due to various reasons such as a lack of preparation, however, it may also be a result of the approach to the interview by the interviewer. Creating an uncomfortable environment due to a lack of personability or not allowing the candidate to have the opportunity to speak their mind and ask questions can cause a role to be ruled out even if the hirers thought it went well. This is often frustrating as it could have been the perfect role for both parties and despite a lucrative pay package, flexible working arrangements and other company benefits, PEOPLE BUY FROM PEOPLE and the wrong approach to an interview can result in a candidate walking away from an offer. Would a candidate describe their interview experience with your organisation as transparent and nurturing? If not, you may be missing a trick

How to increase your success rate when interviewing?

·         Research the company and who you are interviewing with

·         Prepare for common questions

·         Know what you are going into. What is the interview format? What preparation do you need to do prior?

·         Your approach to answering questions should be clear, concise and with substance

·         Ask questions. This is an opportunity to make sure the role is right for you.

Does the company culture reflect your beliefs? Is the right progression being offered?

·         Be presentable. First impressions count.

·         Don’t rush, pause and think before you answer.

·         Show off your personality, be upbeat, enthusiastic, and show interest.

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