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Can we buy you a coffee?

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Can we buy you a coffee?

Recruiters are people people. You can’t really do your job well and be successful as a recruiter if you don’t enjoy spending a lot of time on the phone talking, and more importantly, listening, to people. Over the past 18 months we have forged ahead with our “business as usual” mantra. As a pandemic coping mechanism it has worked. People have been hired, onboarded and completed contracts remotely. Perversely, it has felt like we have got to know people more intimately as we have had video calls directly into their home office or living room, complete with kids or dogs in the background. A snapshot of a person’s life we never would have had in a meeting room, a coffee shop or even a pub.

Now, however, as everyday life slowly returns to normal, we yearn for business life to also limp back to pre-pandemic practices. We embrace more flexible working, we embrace video calls that increase efficiency in processes and decision making, but please let us also enjoy the buzz of walking into a room of people, seeing their smiles, shaking hands (OK, elbow bumps are fine), having the satisfaction of that quick catch up that is the foundation for long term business partnerships and ending the day feeling like you’ve learnt something new about your industry you never would have sat in front of your computer.

The Carrington West highway’s team first foray into face-to-face events will be at the NEC in November for Highways UK 2021. We have had our own internal social events, but this will be the first industry event, and to say we are excited is an understatement. The highways sector hasn’t slowed down and from a recruitment perspective, we have been very busy. There is a lot to talk about, a lot to learn from our clients with their changing hiring needs and a few months of “hello, how are?” to catch up on. We’re excited to be there, to talk, to listen, and buy you a coffee! See you there.

To grab a coffee, or just a chat, with Luke or any member of the highways team please get in touch.