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Introducing IR35 Complete Workforce Management Tool

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Introducing IR35 Complete Workforce Management Tool

Carrington West is pleased to introduce an effective and compliant workforce management tool for employees. The tool provides fast, straight forward, and compliant assessments, demonstrates 'Reasonable Care', creates, distributes and stores SDS's. Facilitates contractor challenge and builds defence file. 

It is designed to give employers complete control and transparency throughout the supply chain with the ability to manage the engagement of contractors from status determination to payroll solution.

IR35 Complete fulfils the requirements for compliant and accurate workforce management in many of the areas that other tools such as that HMRCs CEST, fall short.

•        Aligned with established case law and audited by independent experts

•        Makes a firm judgement in borderline cases

•        Outside IR35 determination can be separately insured to cover all parties in the supply chain

•        Easy to use, the tool produces instant SDS

•        Includes vendor/PSL management functionality

•        Reporting tool that can be monitored by your company

•        Complete supply chain solution - clear and transparent communication between all parties in the supply chain

•        Access to IR35 and tax experts for tailored advice & guidance

 For more information please contact James Fernandes -