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Carrington West & CIHT Young Professionals' Festival

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Carrington West & CIHT Young Professionals' Festival

​We are delighted to announce we are sponsoring Day 4 of the Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation (CIHT) Young Professionals' Festival. The festival is a virtual event that runs for 5 days between the 19th and 23rd October. Attendance is not expensive and the 5 day programme is designed for young professionals in the sector as well as graduates, apprentices and students looking to start their career in the coming months or years. For more information and to reserve you place visit or contact one of our dedicated highways consultants

Below is an overview of Day 4 which will also include a presentation from Carrington West Managing Director James Fernandes and Director of Highways, Transport & Infrastructure, Blayne Cahill.

Future Skills & the Workplace

The skills we need and the places we work are constantly evolving. This day will provide a practical demonstration of the science behind communication. Attendees will take part in a live session with the Body Talk team that will provide practical tips, tricks and techniques that will provide real CPD and make you a better communicator

Talks confirmed so far

An interview with - Alexandra Wilson, Barrister & author of In Black and White on diversity.

Masterclass – The Science of Storytelling: - How to transform complex ideas into clear, compelling messages and increase your personal impact and influence

The Confidence Cocktail: 10 ingredients for leadership success

CPD / Training Competencies Supported by Attending

Understanding of effective communication  skills, ethical practice, personal commitment to professional standards, diversity, inclusion and  management and leadership Skills.

Learning Outcomes

  • To learn techniques for planning and managing your professional development

  • To find out how to be more confident and flexible in dealing with new and changing interpersonal situations

  • To become more aware of the needs and concerns of colleagues and others from a range of backgrounds