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Why You Should Shout About Your Learning & Development Programme When Hiring

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Why You Should Shout About Your Learning & Development Programme When Hiring

​Learning and development (L&D) is playing an increasingly prominent role on today’s job seekers’ wish list when looking for new roles. We often refer to employees as ”talent”, because it is universally
understood that employees want to be recognised for their impact on the business, their skills and what they bring to the role and not just by their job title or where they are on a career ladder.

Today’s talent is acutely aware of the need to stay up to date. They understand how quickly markets move and they are looking to employers to help them upskill, reskill and future proof their value. This is especially true of millennials. Millennials make up 50% of the current workforce and projected to be around 75% by 2030 (KPMG). As a group they place more importance on L&D and career progression than any preceding generation.

Similarly, companies are constantly under pressure to innovate. To outperform the market they need a robust L&D programme that allows them to ensure their talent has the capability to deliver their strategic vision - ahead of the competition.

The recruitment process is multi-layered and complex, but regardless of whether it is a candidate-short or candidate-rich market, ultimately it is the candidate who makes the final decision on whether they accept a position or not. Delivering an exceptional L&D program and then communicating the structure and success of that program as part of your employer branding is absolutely essential in securing top talent and helping that key decision swing your way.

This communication starts with information on a company’s website or company “work for us” brochures and needs to be expanded upon and reiterated in job ads, job descriptions and during interviews where expectations and queries can be addressed.

Whilst some employers will still see it as a tick box exercise on the long list of benefits they feel they must offer, those that have truly embraced the value of L&D will be best placed to attract the best candidates on the market. During interviewing, savvy candidates will deep dive into the features of a programme to ascertain:

  • The extent to which there is a “culture of learning” across the business

  • How well supported the programme is by the senior management teams

  • Accessibility of programmes when, where and how it is needed and convenient to the employee to undertake

  • Takes into account personalised goals, career plans, skill sets and is adapted to individual learnings styles.

Learning and development has been a key focus in our own talent attraction and retention approach, so we know how important it is to a business’s success and the importance placed on it by employees. We see it as a vital tool to help us be a better business. L&D is the heart of what makes us better at client service, better employers, provider better candidate care and hire and train our people to be the best.

Carrington West is very proud to have been shortlisted for the 2020 Investor in People Award for Learning & Development (Up to 250 people). For more information visit on working at Carrington West visit our Work For Us page.