Oliver's Story

Oliver joined the Carrington West's water & environmental team in 2019 after a career in sales in the property sector.

What motivates you to get up in the morning?

A mixture of things really, money is a big motivator for myself as most in recruitment, but with that comes my own personal goals, where I want to be and the milestones I want to achieve in my life. But to get there, I need to be an expert in my market and to learn something new every single day trying to give 100% in all aspects of my work and personal life.

 What is your favourite thing about working for Carrington West?

I would say by far the energy and outlook towards success and what it take to get to where you want to be as an individual, the guidance and training that is provided is a fundamental part of growth for someone like myself coming into a new role and sector. The social events are defiantly an advantage!

What have been the highlight of your time at Carrington West ?

I would say negotiating a spot on to a client contract and permanent PSL list that was particularly coveted. In terms of placements, securing a large perm fee was what I am most happy with as I really feel I was contributing to the business from early in my time here.

 What has been your biggest challenge at work so far?

Learning my market, the water sector is a large and layered beast with multiple job roles and organisations within it. But I understand this is something that experience, patience and time will solve.

 What would your advice be to anyone starting their career at Carrington West?

Ask questions, ask as many questions as possible, to colleagues to people in your divisional team, clients, candidates, directors. Do not be afraid to learn it is a completely free library of information, utilise it and get your head down. You will be surrounded by an experienced and amazing network of colleagues who will welcome and support you from day 1 to be the best you can possibly be. The rest is up to you!

 Tell us one thing about yourself your colleagues don’t know!

I am quarter French and have family that live in La Rochelle, Western France.


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