Thames Water launches interactive online calculator to help customers save on water and energy use

An interactive online tool to help customers save money by gaining a better understanding of their water use will be launched by Thames Water today.

The free water calculator is being demonstrated by the company’s water efficiency manager, Andrew Tucker, at the annual Waterwise conference in London.

The household calculator makes predictions based on responses to questions about how much water people use, in the home and garden. The answers then help to calculate energy use, from heating up water for things like showers and baths, and show how simple changes can lead to money off both bills.

Andrew Tucker said:

“Although we’ve previously had online calculators, the new one has been designed to reflect typical lifestyles and modern living based on feedback from our own customers. It’s also the first calculator of its kind to identify how much water a customer typically uses outside of their home, such as when showering at the gym. This gives everyone a better understanding of their real life daily water use.”

Nicci Russell, managing director of Waterwise, added:

“We really welcome Thames Water’s innovative and responsive approach to water efficiency. Its great new calculator, campaigning work, free fixes on leaky loos, and new ways of engaging with other players such as housing developers and water retailers, are really exciting. Thames Water works hard to support its customers and others to be more water efficient.”

An estimated extra 2.1 million people are due to move into the Thames Water region over the next 25 years. This, combined with climate change, means the company has predicted there will be a shortfall of 350 million litres of water a day between the amount available and the amount needed by 2045. By 2100, this is predicted to increase to 650 million litres a day.

Andrew Tucker added:

“The number of people living in our region is continuously growing but the amount of water available isn’t. We’re encouraging our customers to save water at home and at work by making very small changes, like fixing leaky-loos and taps, which can make a big difference.”