Rail Industry Ambassadors set to help shape the future of rail

Young Rail Professionals have announced in support of their mission to promote the rail industry as a great place to work, they’re recruiting Rail Industry Ambassadors to visit schools, colleges and universities and career fairs.

In hope of raising awareness of the fantastic career opportunities available within rail.

Attracting young people into the rail industry is reliant on ambassadors, such as YRP’s, to help inspire young people to pursue their career within it.

By volunteering as a YRP Ambassador, they would be playing a part in ensuring the future of rail.

Young Rail Professionals began back in 2019 to promote the railway industry and works to bring together people from all aspects of the industry, whether they are in engineering, asset management, train operations, strategic planning, maintenance, franchising, regulation, marketing or human relations.

Young Rail Professional Ambassadors would be able to volunteer as much or as little as they pleased.