Great South Run 2017

For the 4th year running staff members (Jason, Matt, Ilya and Simon) from Portsmouth based recruitment company Carrington West are braving the streets of the city to take part in the Great South Run (Sunday 22nd October). Over confidence seems to have crept in this year and as a result, the training has been ad hoc at best. Unfortunately, this will probably result in a painful experience for our runners, pain we feel should be rewarded with a donation to our page! This year we are supporting 2 great causes:The Café Project is a charity close to the hearts of Carrington West. It was unfortunately broken into recently with belognings, cash stolen and equipment damaged, so please dig deep as we try and assist them to get back on their feet. For more on the Café Project and the excellent work they do please visit:

Our guest charity this year is the “Children’s Liver Disease Foundation” – again close to the heart of a staff member running this year. For more on this charity, please visit them at: