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How An Accidental Recruiter Turned Fellow

11 January 2021

By Joe Yates

How An Accidental Recruiter Turned Fellow

​I started my recruitment career in October 2010, not long after the last recession. As with many, if not all, people that start a career in this industry, I kind of fell into it. I knew someone in the industry who described it as an energetic environment, with good rewards and the opportunity to learn and develop. This resonated with me and I thought "I could do that".

If I am honest, I didn't know what I wanted to do!

I thought, how hard could it be, you just find candidates for jobs? I quickly discovered how naïve I was about recruitment and how many misconceptions I really had. I thought It would be a stop gap until I figured out my true calling. What I discovered, to my surprise, was a truly unique sales and business environment that had me captivated from day one.

I discovered early on that the recruitment industry plays a pivotal role in the delivery and growth of projects and businesses across all sectors and industries. I was able to help people progress in their own professional journey and achieve their career goals as well as support businesses to add valuable talent, crucial to their own success.

I discovered that at the heart of every successful business lies its people. The best businesses I have worked with and for value their people and purpose above all else.

I discovered a role that provided me with the autonomy to create my own mini business and brand to take pride in, and an environment of continual learning and development. To be a successful recruiter you need to learn about the recruitment industry, the market or sector you are recruiting into, the technical aspects of the skill sets you specialise in, sales and marketing techniques and most importantly to understand people and communication. I learn something new every day.

The recruitment industry is evolving all the time with technological advances and the changing wants and needs people have from their professional environment. To thrive now you need to be truly consultative; someone that aims to partner with and support your customers - clients and candidates. Simply finding candidates for jobs is a massive oversimplification of what we do and the service we provide, so you must value what you do and focus on quality.

My passion is to continually strive to make my profession better respected and valued, and to help colleagues and clients understand the importance of their people. Recruitment is a large and growing industry with companies ranging for one person set ups to large corporates. I feel strongly that it is the responsibility of everyone who operates in our field to be held accountable for our professional standards and best practices, through sharing knowledge, continual learning, and where appropriate, formal accreditation's.

I was recently accredited with my Fellowship from the REC to mark 10 years in the industry and having achieved the required criteria, and I couldn’t be happier to call myself a recruitment professional. My advice to recruiters starting out is to take pride in what you do, always strive to improve yourself and the way you work. In short, aim to be better than you were yesterday.  

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