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EE plugs transport hubs as priority for 5G

As telcos jostle for top-spot in the 5G stakes EE has added further colour to its network deployment plans, with the UK’s busiest transport hubs taking priority. Having switched on, albeit very limited, 5G coverage in 20 cities around the UK, EE is surging ahead to expand the coverage of the high-speed airwaves. As is […]

Scotland’s water sector will ‘inspire a generation’

Scotland’s water sector will be admired for excellence, secure a sustainable future and inspire a generation, delegates heard at the WWT Water Scotland Conference last week. Jon Rathjen, water industry team leader at the Scottish Government told the conference that ‘excellence, sustainability and inspiration’ will be absolutely key in Scotland’s SR21 plans, and that they […]

£25bn roads investment announced

Chancellor Sajid Javid, has announced a £25.3bn strategic roads investment between 2020-25. The news prompted a cautious industry welcome, although the figure still falls short of the £29bn that was initially quoted for the second Road Investment Strategy (RIS). The £25.3bn will be invested in the strategic road network between 2020 and 2025. The second […]

US warns Italy over the Huawei job

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is back in Europe and this time he is attempting to scare the Italians into line. It has been a quiet few months for the White House enforcer, though Pompeo is back in the European ring throwing punches towards Italy and his old foe, Huawei. At a press conference […]

Ground-breaking research shows 99.9% microplastics are removed from UK drinking water

More than 99.9% of microplastics are removed from drinking water and waste water through water company treatment processes Water industry calls for government, customers and businesses to do more to prevent plastic entering the water system in the first place Pioneering water industry research has revealed that water treatment processes remove 99.9% of microplastic particles from sources […]